Kumarakom is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala, is situated 13 km away from Kottayam, also is a sleepy little village on Vembanad Lake in Kerala. You can experience a wide variety of flora, exotic sightseeing, boating, and fishing. This most beautiful paradise stocked with mangrove forests, emerald green paddy fields, and coconut trees comprises with waterways and canals adorned with white lilies enchants the tourists from the world over. This place is renowned for its backwater tourism. This tourist destination is a cluster of little islands on the Vembanad Lake. Which is the largest freshwater lake in the entire region of Kerala? Apart from the cruising on the Vembanad Lake, there are several other backwater areas that you should definitely explore while on a Kumarakom Tour Packages.

Kumarakom is also known as “Rice bowl of Kerala”. Because of the Cool and Healthy climate, scenic view of the coconut palm, paddy grasslands, lagoons, and backwaters add more beauty to Kumarakom. Sightseeing in Kumarakom will be a great experience for tourists. It’s sure that no one will forget their voyage on houseboats over the exotic backwaters of Vembanad Lake. This town is rich with everything in it enjoying the gift of nature in its abundance. With the soil so fertile, the land is full of paddy fields, coconut groves, mango groves. The lush greenery and backwaters in a picturesque setting have made Kumarakom one among the world’s best tourist destinations.


Kumarakom enjoys a well-balanced climate. The recorded highest temperature in Kumarakom is 37.80 C and the lowest is 16.10 C. The southwest monsoon season is from June to August. However, slight drizzles persist until early November. The average rainfall in Kumarakom is 1100 mm/year. The best tourist season in Kumarakom is from November to February.

Best Time to Visit Kumarakom

Kumarakom encounters moderate and wonderful atmosphere all round the year. The normal temperature runs somewhere in the range of 18°C and 32°C. The best time to visit the place is from the period of November to February. Below is more on the best time to visit Kumarakom.


March marks the beginning of summer and it ends with June in Kumarakom. The temperature gradually begins to rise and the maximum temperature goes up to around 37-degree celsius. The days remain extremely hot while the evenings are cool and charming. The temperature ranges between 24°C to 38°C during this season. It is a good time to visit the place and enjoy time at different attractions.


Winters are by far the best time to visit Kumarakom . The winter season in Kumarakom starts in November and ends in February. The minimum temperature is usually 18 degree celsius and that is a great time to enjoy activities like sightseeing and houseboat rides and also enjoy the abundant flora and fauna in the region.


Monsoon season is another best time to visit Kumarakom. The season starts in June and lasts till September. Though the place enjoys a favorable climate during the season, it is best to avoid visiting the destination during this season as backwater cruising remains closed., this is the best time to go bird watching, as many migratory birds visit this destination during the monsoon. One can also enjoy long walks and admire the rich greenery all around.

Places to Visit in Kumarakom

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary\

The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a breathtaking and beautiful bird sanctuary that is located at Kumarakom, Kottayam. Is situated on the banks of the Vembanad Lake in the Kerala Backwaters, this bird sanctuary is a favorite tourist destination for many native as well as migratory birds, which makes this destination a dreamland full of ecstasy and delight for bird watchers and nature lovers. The houseboats and motorboats that are available on rent to watch birds further enhance this enriching experience. While neighboring areas such as Poothanpandi Kayal and Pathiramanal are also excellent locations for spotting some rare and exquisite birds, this paradise on Earth is home to local birds like owls, cuckoos, waterfowls, and herons; as well as migratory birds like the Siberian Crane. Other birds are also spotted Kumarakom during their respective migratory seasons, some of which come from the Himalayas, while others flock from Siberia.

The walk through the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, jumping over the puddles and walking through the muddy paths gives a unique experience. The view of such a vast variety of birds pleases the heart, and visitors do not even realise how hours pass by as they just stand and watch the birds and capture them in their cameras.


The Backwaters of Kumarakom, formed by the beautiful Vembanad Lake and is located 17 kilometers away from Kottayam. The Vembanad Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Kerala and is known worldwide for its famous backwater tourism. The Backwaters of Kumarakom offer a picturesque location that proves to be a perfect backwater destination for travelers who are persistently searching for one. The lush green paddy fields, the ducks swimming in the lake and the tiny chirpy birds flying in the evening blue sky will mesmerize you as you explore the backwaters by the banks or on a boat.

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall is an impressive 30 feet high waterfall which is a perfect tourist attraction to visit during the monsoon season when it gushes with gallons of water. The surroundings are covered with dense forestation and have several exciting trekking trails. It is an apt attraction for nature walks, trekking or hiking.


Pathiramanal is one of the beautiful islands which was once the property of the Thaimattatil family until 1979. The island is covered with dense natural vegetation and offers a perfect climatic condition for regional flora and fauna to thrive. The attraction is also famous as a bird watcher's paradise and a favorite amongst nature lovers.

Kumarakom Beach

Kumarakom Beach is famous for recreational activities and water sports. The pristine clear waters are apt for swimming. The glimmering sands, the gentle waves, several restaurants, and resorts make Kumarakom beach as a perfect tourist attraction in the city. This is one of the beaches where one can find

Vembanad Lake

Vembanad Lake is a lagoon located in Alleppey, Kerala. This expansive lake/ lagoon is the longest lake in India and the largest Lake in Kerala. Vembanad Lake for its tranquil backwaters amidst mesmerizing natural surroundings which backwater tourism what it is today. One may go boating in the beautiful Vembanad Lake and explore the islands lined with lush green coconut trees. A houseboat stay is another way to explore the backwaters. The lake proves to be essential for the locals that live by the shore as their livelihood depends on the lake waters. Tourists searching for a perfect backwater destination need not worry anymore, because Vembanad Lake is the ideal backwater destination for one and all.

Thanneermukkom Bund

Thanneermukkam Bund is built across the largest lake of the State, Lake Vembanad and slices the magnificent water body into two parts. Regarded as the largest mud regulator in the country, Thanneermukkam Bund was constructed as part of the Kuttanad Development Scheme. It also connects the two districts of Kottayam and Alappuzha through the Thanneermukkam and Vechoor Villages on either side of the bund. This includes a 470m-long reclaimed portion in the middle. The western and eastern portions of the bund, with a length of 470 meters each, have 31 shutters on each side. The shutters were connected on either side to control the entry of saltwater.

Bay Island Driftwood Museum

Bay Island Driftwood Museum was founded by Raji Punnoose, a school-teacher in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is famous for its innovative modern art techniques deployed to design various kinds of root and tree-trunk sculptures. Other sculptures made of driftwood comprising of twisted tree trunks, stumps, roots, etc. are also on display here. Raji Punnoose had developed this collection shaped in the form of birds, animals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish during her teaching days. The interesting and expansive techniques of curation have helped the Bay Island Driftwood museum to be listed in the Limca Books of Records.

Kumarakom Craft Museum

Kumarakom Craft Museum has a lot of stunning collection of antiques ranging from the woodwork, decor items, paintings, portraits, etc. This is where one can find most of the well-preserved antiques or traditional artifacts belonging to the region. Local artwork and craftwork can also be purchased from the museum shop.

Things to do in Kumarakom

Houseboat Ride

Bird Sanctuary: Watch the birds

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls: Experience Trekking

Lakeside Strolls

Nehru Snake Boat Race

Street Markets

Vembanad Lake: Go for fishing

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport and the second nearest airport is Trivandrum airport. Cochin International Airport, located 85 km from Kumarakom and Trivandrum airport is located at a distance of 171 km. Both airports are frequent international and domestic flights from all major national and international cities.

By Train

For travelers who wish to reach this beautiful tourist destination by train, the nearest railway station to Kumarakom is the Kottayam railway station. This railway station is situated at a distance of 16 km from Kumarakom.

By Road

Kumarakom is well connected to all major cities and also connected to prime destinations around it with an effective road network. The Kerala state government buses run between all its prime cities. A huge variety of public transport options are also available which can be used by travelers to reach Kumarakom in a hassle-free manner.

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