Vagamon, also spelled Wagamon is a hill station located in Kottayam- Idukki border of Kerala. Vagamon has a cool climate with a temperature between 10 to 23°C during the summer season. Vagamon tour packages covering the tourist attractions of Vagamon which includes beautiful green meadows, pine forest, Elaveezhapoonchira, Kurisumala hills, and Vagamon falls. A perfect tourist destination is situated 1200 meters above the sea level spot surrounded by the greenery of tea gardens, murmuring pine forest, fresh cool air, small waterfalls, attractive meadows inviting you to explore Vagamon trip. Vagamon hill station has a chain of 3 wonderful hills called Thangal Hills, Murugan Hills and Kurisumala that give an enchanting feel to this beautiful hill station. Visit Vagamon to feel and experience eternal bliss and peace of mind. Vagamon Tour Packages offers you a unique and different environment in comparison to other hill stations of Kerala. Being abundant in natural beauty, Vagamon tours also offers space for spiritual activities. The amazing surroundings with a cool and soft breeze blowing across the Vagamon valley make it a perfect place for meditation.

If you are a forest lover, the first place you should visit in Vagamon is the Pine Forest and which is the major attraction of this place. A popular spot for movie shootings, actually Vagamon forest is a man-made forest that was created during the British era. The forest overlooks the entire Vagamon valley and is a beautiful tourist place where you can go for a long walk, or just sit under a pine tree and breath in the fresh mountain air.

Scenic Places to visit in Vagamon

Vagamon Pine Forest

Vagamon Pine Forest is a must include in your Vagamon Tour Packages, is one of the best tourist destinations in Vagamon. These pine forests are usually found in the northern region of India, but Vagamon Pine Forests have existed for so long in the southernmost state in India, Vagamon. The pine forests are a famous place for tourists and locals because of its affordable pricing policy, exhilarating activities, the tall and broad trees and the immense lush greenery surrounding the elevated portion of the city.

As you explore the pine forests in Vagamon, they also give you a chance to get away from the hullabaloo and the loud streets of the city and enjoy the ray of sunshine making its way to your face through the canopy of thick leaves. This place is ideal for family and kids as this place also includes activities like trekking, rock climbing, and paragliding.

Vagamon Meadows

Green Meadows Vagamon is a Farmhouse and an Artists Village overlooking an 80-acre property, surrounded by hills and valleys and the velvet green meadows are a treat for the eyes. The cool breeze will take away your worries and leave you with a sense of inner peace and calm. This is the highlight of Vagamon. Better to visit and enjoy meadows in the evening where you can enjoy the scenic beauty around and the beautiful sun from heights. A must-visit for your family to enjoy a good time at Vagamon.

Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary

Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary is an ideal picnic spot located 10 km away from Vagamon. This lovely picnic spot is blessed with a serene and peaceful atmosphere. It is away from the urban landscape and noisy crowd of the city. It is a peaceful romantic destination, a good place to spend a day with your family and spouse. The setting of the Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary is so beautiful with rugged mountains surrounded by a charming lake and the sanctuary is home to tigers, elephants and other native animals. The boat ride across the lake near the sanctuary will leave you with the most memorable experience to cherish. It is really a paradise for nature lovers and those who are in search of solitude. It also provides opportunities for trekking and nature walk.


Kurisumala is one of the most popular tourist spots in Vagamon tour packages, is also known as “Mountain of the Holy Cross”. Kurisumala Hills is located 5 km away from Vagamon and is considered to be an important Christian religious center. A church is located at the top of this hill, which has fourteen crosses on its pathway. The Kurisumala Hill is enveloped with verdant green tea gardens and thick forests on each side of these hills that make it more appealing. You can view the Murugan Para from this hill. People from far and near come here for trekking, camping, and paragliding.


Thangalpara is another remarkable tourist destination in Vagamon, situated 2500 meters above sea level. The place is famous for being a pilgrimage center for the believers in Islam. It has a spherical rock formation which is quite unique, where remains the tomb of Sufi Saint and Sheikh Fariduddin. Every year thousands of devotees visit this place during the Urs festival. According to local beliefs, a Sufi saint of Afghani origin lived on the hill till he died about 8 centuries ago. After his death, the spherical stone grew in size. The tomb of the saint is located just near to this unique stone.

Barren Hills

Barren Hills is a famous tourist attraction with vast stretches of lush green meadows and is a treat to the eyes. Put Barren Hills into your Vagamon tour packages to see other points of interest to visit during your vacation in Vagamon. The sunset view that it offers draws people in large numbers. Because of its terrain, the hills are famous for trekking, paragliding, and rock climbing, making it a perfect attraction for adventure seekers. The sunset view that it offers draws people in large numbers. Because of its terrain, the hills are famous for trekking, paragliding, and rock climbing, making it a perfect attraction for adventure seekers.

Mundakayam Ghat

Mundakayam Ghat is located around 8 km away from Vagamon. It's a panoramic place which is well known as a locale to watch the setting sun. It is a ghat passing through a mesmerizing terrain in the region. Mundakayam Ghat is also famous for bird watching and nature walks, one can get a most beautiful top view of the scenic location as well. However, this place is popular among adventure seekers. The terrain also makes the ghat an apt location for paragliding, is organized by ASSTA. At present times Vagamon is quite famous because paragliding activity is held ad Mundakayam Ghat.

Vagamon Lake

Vagamon lake one of the best tourist destinations in Vagamon. Nestled in between three green hills, Vagamon Lake is a slice of haven tucked in the valley of Vagamon. Boasting of picturesque surroundings and lush greenery, the lake is a popular tourist spot that draws a lot of tourists. Besides, the hills surrounding it boast of glossy green grass carpet which is always blooming with vibrant flowers. Popular for picnics and leisure outings, you can also enjoy boating in the lake. Especially popular among photography enthusiasts and solitude seekers, the region around the lake offers peace and calm like no place else.

Marmala Falls

Marmala falls is a popular destination in Vagamon, lies a few kilometers away from Erattupetta and 16 away from Vagamon. This place offers a really attractive and pleasing view to the tourists. It remains a good place for trekking as well. However, unlike other tourist spots, trekking remains a necessity for the tourists to reach the site as the road is too hard for the vehicle.

The trekking path of Marmala falls is not well maintained like another tourist destinations and hence be careful throughout the journey. The waterfall is about 60 meters in height and falling into a 12 meter deep pool and joins the river on the way down. Marmala falls are very dangerous and not recommended for taking a bath but the river is an ideal place to take a bath. It's the best place for trekkers and adventure lovers, the dense jungle before the waterfall gives a trekking experience to its tourists. This place offers a splendid view of the natural beauty of an ideal waterfall.

Suicide Point

Suicide Point is a spectacular nature view point in Vagamon with a deep seated valley below. You get cherishing view of mountains and valleys and can enjoy the fresh air and light breeze, also you will be able to enjoy misty mornings and evenings during cold days especially in December, January, June, July months. This is a good trekking destination for adventure lovers.

Things to do in Vagamon

Trek to Murugan Mala

Vagamon Pine Forest

Vagamon Waterfalls - Trekking and Camping

Walk through the Barren hills of Vagamon

Boat Ride at Vagamon Lake

Tandem Paragliding at Vagamon

Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary

Trekking to Suicide Point

Best Time to Visit in Vagamon

While Thekkady is an important and popular destination while traveling through Kerala, it does not have the best connectivity to the rest of the country.

Summer (March - June)

Summers in Vagamon are pretty welcoming with the temperature ranging between 10°C and 25°C. Balmy weather and cool sea breezes start dominating the climate of this tourist place from the beginning of March until the end of June. Temperatures during summer sometimes touch 30°C and beyond too. During April and May the wind speeds are at their zipping best. This offers tourists a pleasant breezy atmosphere to explore the beauty of Vagamon. The summer season allows visitors to bask in the glory of Vagamon’s natural charm peacefully.

The most desirable activity during this season is Elephant riding. You can hop on the back of an elephant and take a jolly ride along the banks of a river or in the verdant tea plantations. The trails through the forests are also famous for trekking and hiking. The months from March to May are also suitable for boating, canoeing and kayaking.

Winter (October - March)

Winter season is the driest time of the year in Vagamon. Temperatures stoop down to as low as 10°C during this season with maximum temperatures touching about 25°C. During this season, the misty and pleasing climate nourishes romance inside the tranquil boundaries of Vagamon. Whether it may be families spending time with each other or couples rediscovering their love for each other, everyone is entertained.

It is an ideal climate to touring about the sloppy hills of the region blanketed with tea plantations. Even better, you can traverse through this green terrain atop a giant elephant! The challenging rocky cliffs are perfect for rappelling and rock climbing while the mystic forest trails set the ideal background for trekking. The mesmerising vistas, the magical landscape, all form the perfect frame for taking photography. The weather permits smooth paragliding, a thrilling way to capture the bewitching skyline of the land beneath.

Monsoon (July - September)

Although a hill station is best visited in the dry months, rain lovers will not mind trudging through bathed tea plantations. This season experiences the heaviest downpour of rain waters. The monsoons bring to life stunning waterfalls, dense tea gardens, and exotic flora and fauna in Vagamon. With 550 mm of rainfall, July is the rainiest month of the season while September is the one with the highest humidity. The breezy weather and soft rains teemed with picturesque green landscape make Vagamon the perfect romantic haven for couples, especially the ones on their honeymoon

How to Reach

By Air

Cochin International Airport is the nearest one to reach Vagamon, is located approximately 107 km. On reaching the airport, one can hire a private taxi/cab to reach the heart of Vagamon. One of the most revered airports in Southern India, it offers both international and domestic flights.

By Train

Kottayam railway station is the nearest station to reach Vagamon, is located at a distance of 44 km from Vagamon. Buses/ taxis/ cabs are available for covering the rest of the journey.

By Road

Vagamon is 100 km away from Kochi, thus can be easily reached via road. Local taxis, cabs and state tourism buses are also available connecting the hill station with the town. Direct buses to and from Cochin, Trivandrum, Madurai, Kottayam and Munnar are available.

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